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Though it is not an easy or pleasant thing to think about, everyone’s life will end someday. At one point or another, it is a good idea to start putting contingencies in place for this. Estate planning lets you and your family decide exactly what will become of you, your property and your assets upon your death, and to plan for your loved ones’ future after you are gone. Working with an experienced estate planning lawyer with Snell & Snell in Daytona Beach may allow you to place wishes for the future within a legally binding framework. There are many advantages to setting up a will or trust to take effect upon or shortly before one’s death. Without estate planning, transfers of assets will be handled exclusively by the state government, who will act according to state law with no regard for the wishes of the deceased.

The Difference Between a Will and a Trust

Wills are binding documents which state the last wishes to be carried out upon a person’s death. This can include transfer or distribution of assets, burial or cremation requests, and the nomination of a person or persons to serve as guardian of minor children and their estates. A trust is a legal arrangement nominating a person or organization to manage their property for the benefit of another. Trusts can take effect after death or during a person’s lifetime (a living trust). The advantages of a will include greater control of what happens to your family and possessions, reduction of federal and state taxes on assets and inheritance, and a decrease in the cost of probating an estate. A trust allows proceedings to be more private than if handled by the probate court and grants flexibility in the use of property and assets in the time leading up to one’s death.

Probate and Estate Administration 

At Snell & Snell, our skilled probate attorney in the Daytona Beach area understand that probate matters are very important to you and must be handled with the utmost care and attention from start to finish. No matter what you ask us to do on your behalf, we will make sure that we represent your interests attentively, properly and strongly. Additionally, probate matters have important monetary, tax and other considerations as well as having an important family dynamic – all of which our experienced attorneys consider in our legal representation.

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