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Our Lawyer Help With Filing Bankruptcy in Daytona Beach


Declaring bankruptcy is never an easy decision, but it can be a beneficial course of action in the end. Snell & Snell may be able to guide you through every step of the process and make sure you understand your rights. A bankruptcy attorney might help to prevent or deal with wage garnishment or liens on your property until a plan of action can be devised.

Chapter 7

Individuals in need of a way to repay creditors and obtain a new financial start often file Chapter 7 bankruptcy. It is a relatively short process usually lasting three to five months. This involves the liquidation of assets in order to discharge debts. Our firm can assist you in completing the requisite paperwork, meeting with creditors, and determining what assets will be affected by the bankruptcy judgements and what can be protected (which most often includes homes and vehicles).

Chapter 11

This type of bankruptcy is typically sought by businesses. Chapter 11 is the creation of a payment plan to recover from outstanding debts when larger assets are on the line. Filing can stop creditor harassment, and then we can walk you through preparing a disclosure statement on what resulted in the bankruptcy and begin reorganizing debts to repay creditors. We may also be able to help if any further litigation becomes necessary.

Chapter 13

If an individual does not meet the income requirement for Chapter 7, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a common course of action. A Chapter 13 payment plan lasts years rather than months, and an automatic stay will stop foreclosure proceedings while we help you come to an agreement with your mortgage company.




  1. Available to individuals (unless previous discharge within eight years) and corporations

  2. Trustee appointed in all cases to verify accuracy of disclosures, conduct creditors meeting, bring actions as necessary to set aside fraudulent transfers/fraudulent conversions/ preferential payments, and/or liquidate non-exempt assets and distribute funds pro-rata to creditors.

  3. Trustees appointed by U.S. Trustee

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At Snell & Snell, our reputation has always been based on high-quality legal work, performed by a well-prepared bankruptcy attorney who is devoted to clients. Our attorney will work closely with you through all aspects of your case – from the outset through resolution. We pride our firm on being aggressive, experienced and accessible. For a candid bankruptcy case assessment in the Daytona Beach area, please call our office for a consultation.

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